Shopify is a great ecommerce solution, no matter the size of your business.  However, it comes as a basic setup, with lots of room to customize and develop to fit your needs.  To cater the platform to your needs, you must use a Shopify App.  These apps allow you to add functionality that isn’t available out of the box.  These are the 5 apps I recommend every new store owner install on day 1.

Shopify Order PrinterFREE –

With first time store setups, Shopify does not have the ability to print a clear and concise order for your customers.  Instead, you are presented with a print-out that includes some credit card information and order fulfillment details.  Ideally, a sales order, to be included with your shipment, would only include product information ordered, dollar figures, and shipping information.  A Shopify App is required to set this up and create templates, that’s where Shopify Order Printer comes in.

Shopify Order Printer will allow you to build custom templates, to include or remove any information you want from a sales order.  With this free app, you can create a beautiful sales order to include with all of your shipments.  It can be customized to include logo’s, social icons, links, coupons, and almost any other detail you want in your packing slip or sales order.

Shopify Google ShoppingFREE –

Google Shopping Results“If you build it, they will come”, does not apply to ecommerce stores.  To let people know you exist you have to market your products and the best search engine to start with is Google.  The Google Shopping app is free, but will require an Adwords account where you pay for clicks and leads.  However, I recommend this app, to compete in search engines.

The Shopify Google Shopping app makes adding your products to Google Shopping automated and a breeze.  Without this app you would be required to submit a data feed to Google and update that data feed anytime you make changes to your products, effectively doubling your work load.  This Shopify App keeps everything up to date and automatically uploads and notifies Google Shopping of any changes you make in your Shopify store.  Saving time in your processes puts money back in your pocket, automate what you can to sell successfully online.

MailChimp for Shopify FREE –

Building a mailing list should be a priority with a new online store.  Email marketing is still successful, but lists must be built ethically and carefully.  MailChimp helps make sure you are within SPAM laws and cover all opt-in requirements.  In addition, MailChimp in my opinion is the best free email marketing solution on the web.  The Shopify app is always free, but sending to large lists may require a fee.

What makes the MailChimp for Shopify App special, is it’s ability to automatically integrate customers into your mailing lists.  This skips the need to generate profiles and upload customers into your MailChimp lists.  Again, we are automating to save time and money.  MailChimp for Shopify or Chimpified, makes the list because even one lost contact could cost your new business profitable sales.

Abandon Aid7 Day Free Trial, then $10/mo –

Talking about missed contacts and sales, I found recovering one abandoned cart allowed this Shopify App to pay for itself.  No matter the reason, if a customer leaves after adding products to their cart, Abandon Aid will reach out to them to ask why.  It also has the ability to offer a coupon, to entice the customer back.  This is a must have Shopify App, especially if you choose the lowest tier Shopify platform.

Abandon Aid Shopify App will automate emailing customers, with templates you design, that leave after adding products to their shopping cart.  This email should contain a coupon, encouraging the customer to come back and complete their order.  In addition, Abandon Aid provides a nice and neat statistics window, to view all recovered and emailed customers.  It’s obvious right away when this app makes you money.

YOTPO Product ReviewsFREE –

YOTPO Shopify AppPotential customers look all over the internet for reviews, before deciding on where to purchase.  It’s important to provide your own reviews, when possible, to keep that customer in your store.  YOTPO makes it easy to integrate into any theme you choose and automatically emails customers requesting a review after purchase.

If you choose to upgrade your account with YOTPO, you can also create star reviews that will potentially be picked up by Google.  These rich snippets require a one time setup, but then can provide you with long term SEO benefits.  The YOTPO Product Reviews Shopify App has a lot to offer, but even in it’s basic form is worth the 10 minutes it takes to setup.  Get started building reviews for your products immediately.

Thinking about Shopify to expand your business online?  Let me know how I can help or read more about Shopify on the Evansville Web Sales blog page.  This article covered the Top 5 Shopify Apps I recommend, but depending on what your goals are, there may be more free options available.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or use the free trial link below.

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